Business Cards For BlogHer '09

It suddenly struck me this afternoon that the BlogHer '09 conference is only five weeks away. FIVE WEEKS. Dude, that's, like, right away.

If there's one thing you really do need at BlogHer, it's business cards. I am so glad that I thought to have some made up when I went for the first time last year, because I was really glad to have collected other people's cards when I arrived back home after three insane days spent travelling and running around the Westin St. Francis in San Francisco with a thousand other people and realized that, frankly, everything was pretty much a blur. Who was that woman trying to give away cheeseburgers to German tourists in the lobby? And who grabbed my boob and said "honk honk" in the elevator? If they hadn't given me their business cards, I never would have been able to put the boob-grabby lady together with her weblog URL. Of course, I've since forgotten exactly who the boob-grabby lady is exactly, but she had cute dimples.

The cards I had last year were vintagey and in colour, and I've still got about one hundred of them left, but the URLs I have listed on them are a bit out of date, and I didn't want to give out last year's cards again this year. It would kind of feel like wearing the same outfit two days in a row, which I totally do here at home, but you people are special. So, this year I've decided to change things up and go with straight-up, black and white text.

Here's the front:

And here's the back:

Have you ordered your cards yet? Most places have really short turnaround times and will usually send them out in about a week, so you still have time. If you've already got yours put together, want to share? I'd love to see you'll be handing out.

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