Fit-in 15 Check-in

How are you doing with the Fit-in 15? Surprisingly, I am doing really well. In fact, I'm doing better than well. I've actually been at least doubling that fifteen minutes over the last four days, which is something I didn't really expect from my normally very sedentary self. It seems that once I started moving around on a regular basis, even if it has only been for a handful of days, I wanted to keep moving around. It feels good.

I have only this one body, so I figure that I should probably use it before it hits its expiry date.

Because I have been combining the Fit-in 15 with the early stages of my Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred, I was planning on taking a picture of my gut every third day to document my progress, but it turns out that my body has decided to swell up with a lovely case of hormonally induced bloating, so not only would the photo not show my progress, but it would also make it look like I have been supplementing the Shred with mini-donuts and milkshakes. I assure you, though, that progress is being made. The ache in my thighs can attest to that fact.

I've been getting my Fit-in 15 reminder e-mails and diligently filling in my calendar to keep myself honest, and I have to say that Fit-in 15 is helping me to stay on track with my new push to become healthier and more active on a daily basis.

I've closed comments on this entry in order to encourage you to comment on my original Fit-in 15 post, because if you are a Canadian, you could win an iPod Shuffle and a $20 iTunes gift card just by leaving a comment. No kidding. So head on over and comment already!

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