Birds On A Wire, From Me To You

I have had a thing for these birds ever since I first drew them and put them on a masthead back in April 2008, but I put the image on the backburner, unsure what I wanted to do with them. And then Loralee came along. At Loralee's urging, I turned that masthead into a 48.0"x10.8" poster and put it up for sale on Imagekind. That's four feet of those birds that are now bringing the happy. Loralee? She's got some good ideas.

The poster can be printed in various sizes — 10.0"x2.3", 16.0"x3.6", 24.0"x5.4", 32.0"x7.2", and 48.0"x10.8" — on both fine art paper and canvas, and if you are so moved, you can even have it framed.

And then Loralee went and had a baby, which got my gears moving, and I created a bunch of t-shirts, cards, and whatnot at my CafePress shop. In honour of Loralee, I trimmed the birds down to create an image for this cute baby onesie:

I don't have any babies around here, but I do have some cats. Darling, no?

Check out the Birds on a Wire poster, the baby onesie, and the rest of my CafePress shop. Every little bit takes me to BlogHer '09 and buys me peanut butter. Plus, the birds. Think of the birds!

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