I Want YOU (to leave a comment on this entry specifically, because I am ever the curious one)

A short while ago, Notquiteawake, in a bid to see how many actual readers she had, asked everyone to answer a few simple questions in the comments, which gave me an idea.

I have one of those fancy schmancy counters that tells me things like that 38.2% of you have your screen resolution set at 1280x1024 or that 0.25% of you are from Finland, but I'd like to see all your shiny faces for once, because what my counter doesn't tell me is who you are. Hello, person from North Carolina who apparently stayed on this site for 17 hours, 2 minutes, and 50 seconds! Say hi back! Do you like cats? I like cats, too! Let's go get a sody pop together.

So, here's what I want you to do:

1) If you are already actually on this website, AWESOME, and if you are reading this is in a feedreader, click on this entry's title and come on over. We'll wait, because you're cool.

2) Answer the following three questions in the comments section:
   a) What is your website url?
   b) Where are you from in real life?
   c) What strange belief/idea did you have as a child?

I'll even leave the first comment, because I am a setter of good examples.

See? It's easy, and now I can go and visit your websites and roll around naked in my, for once, overstuffed comments section. I'm curious about who you all are.


PS. I totally won't roll around naked in my comments section. To do that, I'd have to print out all the comments, and we haven't had any printer ink around these parts in at least five years.

PPS. I just realized that I could leave a picture of my naked boobs in the comments section in lieu of actually rolling around naked, but I generally keep those puppies to myself, and I have family members who may not want to be smacked in the face with my awesome rack.

PPPS. No, even if you are not family, I will not smack you in the face with my awesome rack. This is not that kind of website.

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