Five Star Friday's Edition #67

And by the way, everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise. The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.

   — Sylvia Plath

You people outdid yourselves this week, both those of you who submitted weblog entries and those of you who wrote them. I'm actually at a loss for words after all the great reading I've done this morning, so I hand this roundup over to you to read, comment on (let the authors know you care!), and enjoy.

Also, I COMMAND YOU TO PIMP OUT YOUR OWN STUFF IN THE COMMENTS. Ahem. I mean: you are welcome to share of your talents by leaving a url to a weblog entry of your own in the comments. Like we all learned in kindergarten, sharing is good.

Also, there is a live discussion of today's Five Star Friday tonight at 10 p.m. CST hosted by Onlyaman. Check it out.

Happy Friday!

"The Terrible Bargain We Have Regretfully Struck" from Shakesville

"Underneath the Bats and the Stars" from Neil Gaiman's Journal

"Wood-Grained Turntable" from Citizen of the Month

"Choose Your Own Adventure" from

"A Great Start to a New Life..." from The Comfy Place

"It's Never Too Early to Teach Your Kids How to Get Thrown Out of an Establishment with STYLE" from Free Anissa

"Death and Family: She Glued Our Hearts" from The United States of Motherhood

"Shit Happens. Sometimes That's a Good Thing" from Blogging for Sanity

"Turn Envy Into Inspiration" from The Word Cellar

"Hat Trick" from Amalah

"Not All What It's Croc'd Up to Be" from Is It 5 O'Clock Yet?

"History Lesson" from Minnesota Matron

"Chasing the Chocolate Dragon at Nobbin Island — Chapter 1" from Mommy Has a Headache

"It's OK That I'm Not OK" by jenbshaw at Aiming Low

"Out of the Abyss" from The Sweet Life

"Science Tattoos, Or, How to Let the World Know You Are REALLY a Nerd" from Accidental Mysteries

"Bird Is the Words" from thea lux (dot) com

"old. (30)" from Mr. Head

"Life Lessons from a Little Spider" from A Common Grey Spider

"Snaggletooth" from The Misssy M Misssives

"Here Comes the Fun" from The Cheeseblog

"#139 Stacy Muszynski, Miracle Baby" from Michael Kimball Writes Your Life Story

"The Women" from CSquaredPlus3

"I Miss My Family" from Pancakes Gone Awry

"A Tribute: It's On!" from Unfiltered Insanity

"Playing with Strengths: Identifying Your Superhero Abilities at Work" by Monica Worline at The LIFT Blog

"I've Never Called In Fat" from Sterkworks

"It Won't Always Be This Way" from Chicky Chicky Baby

"Ingrid Burrington" from Everyday Genius

Please come back and share good writing with us over the coming week to be featured on the next Five Star Friday. If you have read a really good piece on someone else's weblog, submit it by Thursday at midnight CST to have it featured on Five Star Friday.

And because you are a fan of finding good new writing on the internet:

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