An Afternoon With That Girl, The Palinode, And Some Wasps

The Palinode and I had the distinct pleasure of hanging out with That Girl on Saturday.


She's fabulous to take pictures of, but we were too busy eating incredibly satisfying bowls of food at the 13th Avenue Coffee House for me to take too many.

food bowl

If you live in Regina, Saskatchewan, you should check the Coffeehouse out. If you're a meatatarian, don't let the vegetarian bent of the menu scare you off. My favourite thing on their menu is the Lucky Bowl, which is full of cucumbers, tomatoes, sprouts, brown rice, marinated tofu, and a zesty peanut sauce. They do things with tofu that make me want to rub its marinated goodness all over the inside of my body, which is what eating is anyway, I guess, but sexier.

food bowl

The only problem is that the Coffeehouse is tiny inside, so we had to eat outside on the patio where a healthy community of wasps was trolling for food. Bastards. I was trying to play it cool, like I wasn't bothered by the aggressive, biting insects that were bouncing off us and our table, but that whole I'm-okay-with-the-wasps thing is just a huge act to cover up the fact that I want to run screaming down the street and take shelter indoors where nature can't fuck with my lunch. Bugs and wind and dust in the outside world wreck food. Outside is like a dipping bowl of gross.

Anyway, I lost my cool, which is pretty characteristic for me, so when I jumped up from the table to flee a wasp onslaught, I wasn't too embarrassed, but then a wasp flew right into the palm of my hand where I was still holding a set of chopsticks, and it turned out that I had even more cool to lose, because the feel of that wasp crawling around on the inside of my hand completely did me in, and I jerked my hand open, which resulted in me tossing the chopsticks all over the patio. Oh, I also whooped, which may have come off as more of a shriek. And then, later, this 20-something hipster chick offered to help me find the chopsticks I had so unceremoniously thrown around, and I felt like this weird kind of sexless, doddering person I used to swear I'd never be when I was a 20-something.

Except that I'm not that weird kind of sexless, doddering person, even if my 20-year high school reunion is coming up next June.

Although, I did say "Kids these days!" the other day, because everyone seems to be walking around in these shirts and dresses that accent unflattering potbellies. Are potbellies in these days?

old posters

Also, the fact that I browsed around a vintage shop after lunch and then went to a yarn store and bought yarn and double-pointed knitting needles does not make me that weird kind of sexless, doddering person. I still get laid, and I rarely dodder, for reals.

poodle stool

This poodle stool on wheels? Kind of sexless and doddering. Me? Not so much. Seriously.

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