10 Weblogs, Then And Now

In blog time, I sometimes feel like a dinosaur, and since I passed my six year mark at Schmutzie.com, I've been thinking more about where I started, where I am, and where I am going than I normally do. Normally, I just fart around and hope someone out there doesn't hate it.

While I was ruminating on all things blogular, I was suddenly gripped with the want to take a step backward and see what I and some of my fellow dinosaurs looked like years ago. It occurred to me that we actually have gathered somewhat of a history on this young internet. For this, I used the Wayback Machine, which is a really excellent way to kill an afternoon, if you have an afternoon to kill.

So, I picked nine of the following ten weblogs, excluding mine, for their longevity and ability to keep me interested for years on end. Here's to us dinosaurs, in chronological order of the earliest full screenshots that the Wayback Machine could give me. (Click on the images to see their old looks at full size.)

Avocado8 in December 1998:

Avocado8 now.

Dooce in November 2001:

Dooce now.

Fluid Pudding in June 2002:

Fluid Pudding now.

Mighty Girl in July 2002:

Mighty Girl now.

Sweetney in July 2004:

Sweetney now.

Fussy in August 2004:

Fussy now.

Me in September 2004:

And, well, this is me now.

The Palinode in February 2005:

The Palinode now.

Finslippy in March 2005:

Finslippy now.

Leahpeah in February 2006:

Leahpeah now.

Go on. Find out what you looked like when you were still wet behind the ears.

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