Unaccountably Attracted After All These Years

Back in the day, I had quite the thing for this younger incarnation of Mickey Rourke:

I mean look at him:

And now, quite unaccountably, I have a thing for his present incarnation:

Something about this still works for me:

I've been called complex before, but I don't think they were referring to this.


Say hello to Schmutzie.com sponsor Flourish In Progress: Chronicling a year outside the mall. When Elizabeth turned 30 recently, she concocted a 30th birthday project for herself. She "...decided to do away with the needless spending and see what... happens to life outside the mall" for an entire year. That's right. SHE IS NOT GOING TO SHOP FOR 365 DAYS. I don't know that my closet could hold out, but I wish her and Flourish In Progress well as she records what happens. Enlightenment? Mental collapse? Only time will tell.

TMI, Baby. Tee. Em. Eye. By Which I Mean to Warn Family Members That They Might Want to Stop Reading Right Now, Unless They Want to Know About the Health of My Sexual Appetite.

Grace in Small Things: Sunday Edition #37