My Smart History: Pluto, Plato, and a Word Misheard

Funny childhood tidbit:

When I was a kid, I kept hearing this word that described non-romantic relationships, and when I heard it, I thought people were saying "plutonic".

I thought that the word was based on the character of Pluto, one of the few non-anthropomorphic Disney animals and Mickey Mouse's pet. I reasoned that Pluto and Goofy never got it on like the dogs I had seen at the park, so his name must have been the one used to describe that type of human relationship.

Because cartoon characters are such a logical root for a word simply because they don't engage in bestial homosexual sex with each other.

It wasn't until my first year of university when I took "Introduction to Philosophy" that I realized the word was not plutonic but rather platonic, as in the philosopher Plato and his dialogue the Symposium.

I still can't help but hear Goofy's soft hyuk hyuk hyuk and envision Pluto and Goofy palling around and totally not having gay sex when I come across the word platonic.

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