Notes From The Sickbed: Remembering That Time We Ate At Tomoya

The Palinode and I are painfully, grossly, wallowingly sick with colds, and we're fresh out of mommies in this stupid apartment, so I will share photos that hearken back to our last restaurant experience, which was middling at best but still far better than talking about how much snot I'm dealing with.

I have a cold

Two nights ago, we went to Tomoya, where I found out that the Japanese version of post-drunk food is sushi pizza.

sushi pizza at Tomoya

Don't worry. I wasn't drunk. Sobriety's a gift!

This cold? It's not so much of a gift. It robbed me of enjoying my gyoza, and I love gyoza. They're the perogies of the asian world, only more awesome, at least when you can taste them properly.

gyoza and sushi pizza at Tomoya

This is what the Palinode looks like when he's eating udon and you shove an iPhone all up in his personal space:

eating udon at Tomoya

It can be wearisome:

wearied at Tomoya

I don't know if you know this, but the Palinode is a food reviewer, and so our meals out are often accompanied by much note-taking

taking more notes at Tomoya

and thoughtful grimaces.

waiting for the bill at Tomoya

I like to watch him think over the food, poke at its consistency, furrow his eyebrows over the sensation on his palate.

taking notes at Tomoya

The service at Tomoya was excellent. Our waiter was friendly and helpful, went back to ask questions in the kitchen when he needed to, and was generous with the tea and miso. The booth we sat in felt warm and sheltered, which was perfect for a snowy night. One of the owners even came out to greet us at our table and had the sweetest smile. This kind of attention is so rare and such a beautiful touch.

The food, though, didn't thrill me, but this is more due to my personal preferences than food itself. Everything was well-presented, fresh, and very flavourful, at least what my cold would allow, but the cut of the fish in the sushi rolls created a soft texture I was unused to. I chalk my lack of excitement up to the fact that I literally had to drag myself from my sickbed to go out. That's not an optimal circumstance to set up a new restaurant experience.

empty plates at Tomoya

We emptied our plates and left feeling sated with a bill that didn't destroy us financially, so if you're in Regina, I suggest you visit Tomoya. I am going to give it another go when I can taste flavours more diverse than wet and salt.

Tell me how it all tastes to the non-virulent!


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