Reverb 10, Day 16: Friendship

Over the month of December, I am taking part in Reverb 10, and the daily prompt for today from Martha Mihalick is this:
How has a friend changed you or your perspective on the world this year? Was this change gradual, or a sudden burst?
This is the first Reverb 10 prompt that brings nothing up. I've thought about this off and on since the prompt came through last night, and there is just nothing here. It presumes that a friend would have changed my perspective on the world, but no friend did. I was busy not noticing most people for who they were until I sobered up in August, and since then I've been fairly busy holing up and leading a quiet, teetotalling life of writing, reading, and a lot of hot baths.

The Palinode remained a constant source of strength and love over the course of this year, but my perspective on the world was not changed as much as it was strengthened.

drinking coffee at GS European Deli

Huh. Maybe I should get out more.

Can I call myself my own perspective-changing friend? And then can I say that I shifted my perspective, suddenly and without any fancy announcement, by removing my pint-sized beer goggles more than four months ago? And then can I say that the world seems a whole hell of a lot more boring and yet, strangely, also more enjoyable at the same time?

If so, then, that's my answer: I am the friend that changed my own perspective in one swift move, and now I'm a somewhat bored but much happier teetotaller. The End.


PS.  My Oskar can be one creepy cat.

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