Five Star Friday's Big Fat Edition #96

The man who writes about himself and his own time is the only man who writes about all people and all time.
   — George Bernard Shaw
This Five Star Friday roundup is brought to you by wrestling, blogging, healing, friendship, the southwestern United States, depression, real beauty, racism, long love, bridesmaid dresses, a father and alcoholism, a pie, hitting bottom, more about racism, more about blogging, flash fiction, marriage, prejudice against homosexuality, fear, health care, more about health care, Sudan, materialism, food and poverty, more about marriage, and fashion.

And please share one of your own good weblog entries in the comments, because we need a lot of good writing to carry us through the weekend.

Happy Friday!

"On Wrestling" from thea lux (dot) com

"I Guess What I'm Trying to Say is That I'm Tired of Feeling Intimidated to Write On My Own Blog" from Joy Unexpected

"An Act of Love" from Boho Photography

"The Pain of Sharing Your Friends" from Surrender Dorothy

"She's Coming" from Licia Berry

"The Undertow" from Compost Studios

"Hideous Lovely" from Moosh In Indy

"Port Authority: The 1970s" from Slouching Past 40

"Nor Bitter Tears" from Shriek House

"Texts From the Dressing Room While Trying on Bridesmaid Dresses" by lauriewrites at BlogHer

"Heaven Hates Teabaggers. Which, FYI, Is Totally a Real Word, Spellcheck." from Barefoot Foodie

"I Carry You" from The Extraordinary Ordinary

"Tripie" from Queen Mediocretia of Suburbia

Two from Loralee's Looney Tunes:
"The Threads of a Process. Part 1: Unraveling"
"The Threads of a Process. Part 2: Breaking"

"I'm Black Irish and I'm Proud" from Mocha Momma

"'Why I Can Never Seem to Blog' - A Poem" from Stay-At-Home-Mayhem

"Flash Fiction: Calling Home" from The Writing of Christopher Rivan

"Life With Dave" from Where Am I Going... And Why Am I In This Handbasket?

"Somewhere Over the Rainbow" from Rancid Raves

"The Fear Fetish" from sweet | salty

"Understanding the Health Care Bill" from Mayopie

"RX: For America Take As Needed" from Bloggin 2 Noggin

"My Private Sudan: Part II" by Allan Cram at Life As A Human

"Are You There Materialistic God?" from A Haute Mess

"Food As Solace; Food As Hope - A Guest Post" by Mad at Frog and Toad Are Still Friends

"Love In the Time of Lexapro" from Dad Gone Mad

"Spring Summer Series: The Shirt Dress Trend!" from alixrose

Please come back and share good writing with us over the coming week to be featured on the next Five Star Friday. If you have read a really good piece on someone else's weblog, submit it by Thursday at midnight CST to have it featured on Five Star Friday.

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