♫I've Been Working On Design, All The Live Long Day♪

As you may or may not already know, I've been taking on graphic design work through Sweet Blog Design. I am so glad that they approached me work for them, because, although I have primarily peddled in words, I love creating images. When I set out to create a masthead, it requires an entirely different style of thinking than my writing does, and I find that it is such a release to lose myself in a forest of images and patterns and colours.

I have also acquired some CSS and HTML knowledge since I got serious with the internet seven years ago, though, and I am familiar with Blogger, so when Sweet Blog asked me if I could do some code work for Rebecca Woolf's Girl's Gone Child's new weblog design, I jumped at it.

Girl's Gone Child screenshot

Danielle Hull is the designer the new Girl's Gone Child look. I had never coded a website following a design by someone else before, so the challenge excited me, and I'm glad I took it on. Both Danielle and Rebecca were excellent people to work with, and the process seemed to go pretty smoothly from beginning to end.

When Rebecca and I sat down together via e-mail late Wednesday night to install the new code on her website, we gave each other mental high-fives in the wee hours as we saw it all go live and functional. It is so satisfying to see the finished product and know that I had a hand in helping to develop a new environment for both Rebecca and her plethora of readers.

Following that project, I was able to get back to graphic design with a new masthead for Peeved Michelle's other weblog, The Peevery. Ah, the home-sweet-home feeling of working with images.

I do have a tendency toward a touch of the creepy when I design sometimes, but once I worked the creepiness out, the new Peevery masthead was born, and I like the looks of it, if I do say so myself.

The Peevery masthead

Thanks for working with me, Michelle!

So, drop in for a visit at Girl's Gone Child and The Peevery and tell them how much you love their new digs, because you do, right? Yeah. You totally do.

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