I Helped To Give JurgenNation.com A New Set Of Duds

Do you read JurgenNation.com? If not, you really should, because Anastacia's good at this blogging thing. She's honest and funny and naked and personable. Okay, I don't mean that she naked naked. I mean that she's right out there and open about her life and who she is. Come to think of it, though, she could be naked right now. What do I know?

But, if you already do read JurgenNation.com, then you've probably noticed that she recently acquired a new template. I'm bringing this up, because I kind of want to brag about it. A lot.

Look what I helped to make!

JurgenNation.com screenshot
Click to see larger version.

This template was a joy to design, because Anastacia was open to unicorns and green hypno-rays and even ligers, although I had to leave the ligers out, because they're very large in real life but lose all their fierce looks when they're shrunk down to an inch high. Dawn hammered out all the code and whatnot to staple everything into place, and she did a fantastic job, as usual.

Head on over to JurgenNation.com and tell how good she looks!


PS. This work was all done through Sweet Blog Design. Need a new look? Check us out!

Oskar In The Evening Sun

S/he: Stuck

S/he: Stuck