BlogHer '10, Day Two, Part Two: We Did It Up With Our Fellow MamaPop Writers

Both the Palinode and I write for MamaPop, and being that we only get to meet up through e-mail during the rest of the year, the MamaPop writers thought it only proper that we all get together and get ridiculous during the BlogHer '10 conference in New York.

MamaPop in the lobby bar
pre-writer's party drinks

We're internet nerds. We need the release.


(We're all pretty good looking, by the way. I didn't know that for sure until I was in a room with all of these handsome individuals, and I was all hot damn. Remember when nerds used to be those pasty, doughy kids who spoke overly correct English? Those days are obviously long gone, because we are fine.)

Miss Banshee and Outnumbered
Miss Banshee and Out-Numbered

Also, we learned to do the Hustle, because disco dancing is the new cool. At least, we say it is. DISCO DANCING = COOL.

Snarky Amber telling me to fuck off
Lauriewrites, Jodifur, Amalah, Marilyn, Goon Squad Sarah, and SnarkyAmber, who is lovingly giving me a double whammy of the fingers

The Palinode is one of the very handsome. You probably already knew that, but I thought I'd drive the point home.

The Palinode


Amalah, Her Bad Mother, and Sweetney
Amalah SnarkyAmber, Her Bad Mother, and Sweetney


Lauriewrites, Amalah, and Her Bad Mother
Laurie, Amalah, and Her Bad Mother


Motherbumper, Her Bad Mother, Snarky Amber, and AmalahMotherbumper, Her Bad Mother, SnarkyAmber, and Amalah, who is making fun of how glued I am to my iPhone. Asshole.

Enraptured friendship!

Amalah and Her Bad Mother
Amalah and Her Bad Mother

The picture above is really funny, because that was just before Her Bad Mother grabbed her mouth and had to ask if it was bleeding, because her and Amalah's interpretive dance number ended up with a boot to the face. Nothing says love like kick to the head during a karaoked, 1980s love ballad.

KBestOliver and Miss Banshee
KBestOliver and Miss Banshee

And then we all crawled into cabs, or at least I'm told that's what happened.

This BlogHerBola fever thing I'm rocking is stealing my will to write complete sentences, so I am going to have to content myself with picture posts until I can breathe freely on my own again.

Picture posts!



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