BlogHer '10, Day Three, Part Two and Beyond: Sparklecorn, the CheeseburgHer Party, and the Morning After

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I swear to you that this is my last BlogHer '10 conference recap entry. I SWEAR. I rarely even bother to read other people's BlogHer entries, so I feel terribly self-indulgent with my continued tales of my time in New York. Whatever, I say, with a wave of my hand. This is my website, and I'll drone on if I want to.

Saturday, August 7th, the last night of the BlogHer '10 conference, was MamaPop's Sparklecorn. As a MamaPop writer, I am proud to say that it was a fabulous success. Just go watch the video and see what I mean.

There was cake:

Sparklecorn unicorn cake
thanks goes out to Charm City Cakes

There was dancing:


There was more dancing:


There were dorky headbands:


I could write an entire book about that night. I had some beautiful, heartfelt moments with bloggers that I kind of wanted to consume whole they were so kind, and it was one of those nights where everyone shows up and blossoms with the energy unfolding in the room. Everywhere I looked, the people were gorgeous.

Sparklecorn alone would have made our trip to New York – flight delays, missed connections, and all – worth it. At Sparklecorn, everyone is famous, and that few hours spent sweating out so much pent up joy and stumbling my way through the Hustle manages to buoy me up for months.

Maybe I need to get out more often.

JenB, Suebob, Lauriewrites, and Goon Squad Sarah
JenB, Suebob, Lauriewrites, and Good Squad Sarah at the CheeseburgHer party

After Sparklecorn had wound down, I shuffled over to the CheeseburgHer party next door, sat down with Suebob, and scarfed down a McDonald's cheeseburger right there on the ballroom floor. That burger was terrible. It was the worst thing I'd put in my mouth in months, and I put a lot of awful things in my mouth. If that patty was actual meat from actual animals without horrible health concerns, smack me on the ass and call me Pamela Anderson.

Despite the right nasty food, though, CheeseburgHer did birth some fantastic paper bag hats:

Letter B
Letter B and her glow stick-adorned party hat

Later, at the hotel bar, there were kisses for those we knew we wouldn't see for another year:

a kiss for Miss Grace from Guavalicious

And then, I dragged my very tired, danced out, fast-fooded, over-beered butt back up to the hotel room with the Palinode and our roommate Jess.

I kind of ducked out to avoid overwrought goodbyes, because I hate that kind of thing, and I prefer to have my memory end with a high note and not a bunch of snot.

The next day, Sunday, the Palinode and I had breakfast with the MamaPop crew before checking out of the hotel and going our separate ways. I was seriously HUNG. OVER.


I do this to myself every time I go to BlogHer, and I never learn that too much beer + too much sweaty dancing + emotional chaos + forgetting to drink enough water = feeling completely bagged. There was bacon at the buffet, though, so I managed to fortify myself with the proper amount of nitrites a Canadian needs to make it out of something like that alive.

Bitchin' Wife
Bitchin' Wife

Breakfast eaten and stories told, we managed to wrench ourselves out of the arms of our friends, through the Hilton's front door, and onto the streets of Manhattan, where we had many more adventures! Because the Palinode and I stayed two extra days! And, yes, I lied about this being the last post about New York! Because I am a liar liar pants on fire!

Don't hate me because I'm awesome.

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