Friday Is For Catblogging

At least, it is today.

The picture below is of Lula, our third and final cat. We know our limits. There is only so much cat litter that two sane people should have to deal with. We have already exceeded that by two cats' worth.

Lula under my leg

I took this photo using one of my latest iPhone apps, PictureShow. Then, I ran all but the border through Imagenomic Noiseware Professional in Photoshop CS4 to smooth out the graininess, and then I put it through Auto Contrast and Auto Tone. I am no purist when it comes to photography.

Just for good measure, here are two more of the same photo run through PictureShow:

Lula under my leg
This photo remains unaltered from this particular original PictureShow iteration.

Lula under my leg
I increased the contrast of this photo from this particular original's PictureShow iteration.

Lula paws the covers every night when I read in bed until I make a tent with my legs for her to hang out in. It's pretty damn cute, but sometimes I fall asleep before scooting her out of there and I accidentally smother her with my legs. Her life: it is very tough.

What are your favourite pet photos? Share links in the comments.

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