And Then We Were Kids

Sooooooo, we've been moving from one apartment (small-ish) into another apartment (large-ish) in our building, and I think I accidentally packed up my brain with all the odds and ends I rounded up off our windowsills.

I found a little plastic man with a parachute strapped to his back, a tiny green dinosaur figurine (Euoplocephalus), a ceramic money cat (Maneki Neko), a skipping rope with wooden soldiers for handles, and a plastic ring from one of those coin-operated boxes they have at store exits. We are obviously members of the under-12 set.

This explains why the apartment we just left proved to be so filthy when moved all of our stuff out of it. We've been too busy making grape kool-aid moustaches and playing hide-and-seek to bother dusting anything.

Aidan on the other side of my laptop

We also neglected to plan ahead for our internet access, and so we are living in cafés with free wifi until October 5th, when we can resume blogging from the comforts of our own bed while eating bonbons and dressing up the cats in our old t-shirts (if the cats ain't a-balkin', PETA, don't come a-knockin').

And now for a not entirely unrelated aside (wait around for the 1min50sec mark, which is my favourite part):

Sobriety, Cultural Divorce, and Freedom

Sobriety, Cultural Divorce, and Freedom

Me at Sober Without God