What I Did At Blissdom Canada '11

Blissdom CanadaI just got back from Blissdom Canada '11 last night, and it exhausted me. I sat down to watch some television while I spooned hello on the couch with my Onion, and I was unconscious by nine o'clock. It was a good kind of exhausted, though, being that it was born out of squishing as much goodness as I could out of the two days I had to spend with mah peeps.

I will keep this Blissdom Canada recap short on words for you, because my brain can only do pictures this morning. Sentencing is hard.

First, the Palinode and I arrived at our hotel in the lovely city of Toronto:

Toronto out our window on the first morning of Blissdom Canada
This is the view from our hotel room at the Hilton Toronto.

We partied at the CBC on Thursday night:

Barbara Jones and Catherine Connors
Barbara Jones and Catherine Connors worked the room.

We took a walk down Nostalgia Lane,

nostalgia lane at the CBC
The Palinode waited patiently for me, which is one of his many talents.

where we saw Mr. Dressup's treehouse:

Mr. Dressup's treehouse
Mr. Dressup's treehouse!

I got to meet my long-time media crush, Nora Young, after Scarbiedoll dragged me over and stood me right next to her, because I am in grade six. I have no photo documentation of this, because I was trying to act really cool while I tried to breathe normally and not dribble my coke down my chin.

On Saturday, I spoke with Bon Stewart and Tanis Miller on the panel The Art And Science Of Finding Inspiration – And Using It. I also have no photo documentation on hand of this blessed event, but it is unforgettable for me.

Any time I have done public speaking in the past, I was so terrified that I had to sit on my own hands to hide my shaking, but this year? I'm not shy to say that I loved it. It was such an honour to speak with Tanis and Bon, and the session attendees filled the room with such warmth, and no one kicked me out when I got teary not once, not twice, but THREE times.

It means an incredible amount to me that I was given so much support when, while talking about things that matter so very much, my emotions got the better of me. If you were there, thank you!

And then it was Bon's turn to be a giant baby:

Bon as a giant baby
Fisher Price should make furniture for grown-ups.

On Saturday, I started my day next to one Kyran Pittman, which is nothing to sneeze at:

Kyran and me
Kyran does bedhead right.

The Palinode took his turn at bat on the panel Take Your Craft to the Next Level with Karen Green and AngellaD:

@karengreeners @angellad and @palinode at their Blissdom Canada panel
The Palinode is a smartie.

A quote which came out of that session is one I could write a lot about, so I'm sticking it here to keep it around:
The story teller makes no choice. Soon you will not hear his voice.
His job is to shed light, and not to master.

     – "Terrapin Station", Grateful Dead
I fell in love with Catherine Jackson, who is brave and beautiful and wickedly smart with a spirit I cannot begin to tell you about. As I told the Palinode, I want to move to her city and make her be my best friend and hang out and listen to records and learn to smoke cigarettes together.

I hope she doesn't curse me for posting her photo.

Saturday night, I helped Bon finish orange-ing her hair for Blissdom Canada's traditional Halloween karaoke party. She makes a hot Annie Lennox:

Bon as Annie Lennox 2

And here she joins Catherine Connors and the Palinode. I can't decide if the Palinode is a Catherine wannabe or Garth Algar:

Catherine, Aidan, and Bon

I would be remiss if I didn't mention that New Kids On the Block's Jordan Knight was there, because he totally was:

Eric Alper, Alli Worthington, Jordan Knight, Catherine Connors, and Barbara Jones
From left to right and clockwise, we have Eric Alper, Alli Worthington, Jordan Knight, Catherine Connors, and Barbara Jones.

Mr. Knight even came into the party to karaoke with us:

Jordan Knight karaoke-ing at Blissdom Canada
I was never a screamy NKOTB fan, but this was some serious fun.

And then, I dragged myself back up to my hotel room and passed out, because I'm an old lady who finds fluffy hotel room beds more exciting than almost anything else after over-extending her introverted self all over a social media conference for two days.

And now that my What I Did At Blissdom Canada '11 slideshow is over, I'm going to spend some time snuggling up to my little kittens. This cat lady's got to get her some cuddles after three days away.

Onion's glad I'm home
Poor People Cannot Afford Cheap Things

Poor People Cannot Afford Cheap Things

Catherine Connors, NKOTB's Jordan Knight, and Maureen Turner