Behold: Schmutzie's Hipstamatic Lens, Film, and Pak Guide

Ever since I first downloaded the Hipstamatic app to my iPhone, I have been in love with it, but I have also been frustrated, because, as it has added more lenses, films, and flashes to its stable of options, my ability to find just the right combination for any particular situation has become less and less. I couldn't find another Hipstamatic guide out on the internet that was both up to date and met my needs, so I created Schmutzie's Hipstamatic Lens, Film, and Pak Guide to fill the gap.


Schmutzie's Hipstamatic Lens, Film, and Pak Guide

I created galleries of photos documenting every lens and film combination available to date using the same tableau for each example in order to create a consistent look by which to judge each combination. I have not and will not include galleries that detail each flash with each lens and film combination, though, because then we're heading toward taking about 350 photos just to document each flash, and unless someone's going to pay me handsomely for well over 3000 nearly identical shots, that ain't gonna happen. A guide to all the Hipstamatic paks is on its way, though, and the lenses will be documented there, at least within the film/lens/flash groups in which they were originally released.

This is a labour of love for all you iPhoneography and Hipstamatic buffs out there, so take a look around Schmutzie's Hipstamatic Lens, Film, and Pak Guide. I hope it helps you as much as it's already helped me.

Happy hipstamaticking!

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