Dead Birds, Shanan, Pasta, And The Palinode's Attempt To Operate Light Machinery

Yesterday felt strange in that way that signals me to take note. I don't know how to pin that feeling down for you, but it is very specific when it comes over me. It tells me to follow my gut, turn down different corners, which I did.

That's how I came across this pigeon on the way to work.

dead pigeon 1

I turned down different corners, and then BAM! I ran into this poor bird.

My gut often brings me to birds. They are not always dead, but they usually are. My evidence supporting the dead bird majority came later in the day when I ran into my second dead bird:

dead bird 3

Just as with the first bird earlier in the day, I had decided to go with my gut again during my walk home. I turned a different corner, and BAM! There it was, claws up.

My gut is a morbid sonofabitch, apparently.

The day took a turn for the less morbid, though, when the Palinode and I went out for supper with Shanan.

Shanan at Pasta Prima 2

We went to Pasta Prima. The food is your typical pasta joint fare, and it's pretty good at that, but it has really gone downhill physically in the last couple of years. The cement walk up to the place looks like it belongs to a long-abandoned farmhouse rather than an urban restaurant. If I didn't live here and wasn't already familiar with the place, I would have assumed that it was pretty sketchy.

Still, though, the food is good. Just don't let the looks scare you away. They sell fresh pasta and sauces to take home, and you'll never leave either hungry or broke.


I figured that I had left the morbid birds-themed portion of my day behind at that point, but reality was all insistent about its BIRDS BIRDS BIRDS business.

Shanan opened up a pop-up book in the bargain section at Chapters, and BAM! Dead birds. Third time's a charm.

Okay, well, this third incident did not involve dead birds, exactly, but they were definitely not alive birds.

pop-up birds

I felt strangely motherly of these two while I took the following shot. I had a strong urge to pat both their heads and maybe take them to my bosom:


And then I took Aidan to play on these crazy little car things in the kids' section, because Cenobyte introduced me to them a few weeks ago, and I love them mightily. I want one of these and a giant field of cement to rip around on senselessly. It drives just randomly enough that I can imagine it would be a pretty good cat-herder.

The Palinode tried his hand at it, but he mostly ran into bookshelves. I think this is one of my most favourite pictures of him ever.

Aidan playing at Chapters

So, dead birds, Shanan, pasta, and the Palinode attempting to operate light machinery.

I got nuthin, but it was a good day, even with all the dead stuff. Such is life.

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