Proof Of More Cats

It's sometimes hard to tell with this weblog if we have more than one cat or not, because I go on and on about Onion all the time, but we really do have more than one cat. In fact, we have THREE cats.

That's what happens when two people who love each other very much but don't want to make human babies and are minus a uterus still want to love little things. They adopt strays and steal kittens from bums.

This is our third and final kitty, Lula:

Lula 4

Part of the reason I write so much about Onion to the exclusion of all the others is that he is simply more photogenic than either Oskar or Lula. The other two are black, and they end up looking like miniature black holes in the middle of the floor or whatever piece of furniture is behind them.

Also, as you can tell by the blur, Lula never stops moving around.

Lula 3

This little photo shoot was extra fun, because she's in a bit of a heat right now, and so she was busy alternating between showing me her butt and keeping her eyes peeled for opportunities to slut it up with Onion.

Our Onion might be fixed, but he gives the girl a good going over when she needs it. It's like his post-testicles super power.

Lula 1

Our Lula: cute! slutty! vocal!

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