4 Kids Or More Is Alive!

I created the design for 4 Kids or More back in June, and Dawn Blanchfield did the coding work. I've been keeping it a secret ever since, which has been hard work all on it's own, and I finally get to let it out.


4 Kids or More is a new resource for the modern larger family brought to us by Kristen Chase and Meagan Francis, two blogging powerhouses in their own rights who have teamed up to share what they know:
Both of us – publishers Kristen Chase and Meagan Francis – are mothers of a passel of kids, and we’ve heard “are they ALL yours?” more than once – not to mention all kinds of stupid comments about our religious beliefs, marital status, and intelligence levels. Thing is, while blended families are great and we’re both addicted to Mormon mommy blogs, we think assumptions about why people end up with big families are kind of bogus. So we set out to create an online community that will really embrace larger-than-average families of any background or belief system.
Drop in to 4 Kids or More and welcome them to the neighbourhood!

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