Diets Be Damned When You've Got The Plague

This lump of deliciousness is what re-ignited my will to live this morning, and it is the item to which this entry is dedicated. Today's saving grace was the coconut Ferrero Garden.

Ferrero Garden coconut 1

I woke up at 7:30 a.m., and I immediately regretted my existence. My head pounded, my bones ached, and my stomach twisted. I had to try to hold my face as still as possible, because even my eyebrows hurt. It was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad morning.

morning 3

I had work to do, though, because even us freelancing, stay-at-home types have responsibilities, so I pulled myself from the bed and staggered into the kitchen where I brewed up some coffee and OH HOLY MOTHER OF GOD WHAT WAS THAT ON THE COUNTER?

You guessed it. It was a coconut Ferrero Garden.

Ferrero Garden coconut 2

The Palinode and I received them for Christmas, but in the chaos of travel and family, they were lost in the bottom of a bag. Now here they were on the kitchen counter.

I savoured this thing for nigh on half an hour.

Ferrero Garden coconut 3

This is not an ad. This is demented food love.

Ferrero Garden coconut 4

I might be crashed out on the sofa with a cement block for a head and a body ache soul deep, but I've got three more of these babies lined up.

Today, it's the little things.

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