25 Things For Which I Am Thankful

1. Joy:


2. Rescue Remedy

3. Friends:

Shanan at Saturday brunch 2

4. Palinode's delicious cooking

5. Fuzzy slippers

6. Feminist literature:

shopping like a feminist

7. The internet

8. The Grace in Small Things community

9. This guy:

Aidan at Fresh and Sweet 2

10. The beauty of thick snow.

11. Freshly ground coffee brewing in my kitchen

12. Having the opportunities granted to me this year, beginning with TEDxRegina, to spread my public speaking wings:


13. Clean, fresh water

14. Kittens to cuddle:

Onion pretending to be asked onto the bed

15. Long soaks in my clawfoot bathtub

16. Weekend breakfasts:

breakfast at the Park Cafe

17. Sunshine

18. Dark chocolate flavoured with sea salt

19. New York:


20. The absolutely brilliant, broken open humanity of the John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band album

21. Tucking into the corner of a café for an afternoon of work and people watching

22. Finding my courage:

me Daring Greatly

23. Slowly clarifying my vision

24. Knowing that any isolation I feel does not stem from actual circumstance

25. Creating our new home:

I heart u

Happy Thanksgiving, Americans!

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