10 Things I Like, Because Wallowing Isn't Very Interesting

Oskar on my shoulder

I like this cat wrapped around my neck,
and the mustard old-man cardigan I'm wearing that makes my arms itch,
and the adjustable office chair I found languishing in an apartment hallway with a piece of paper stuck to it that said "FREE",
and the diet Pepsi that magically appeared on the top shelf of my refrigerator,
and the soft hiss of my office radiator,
and the perfectly ugly cable-knit slippers with the rubber on the bottoms that I picked up at the corner drugstore,
and the giant cowhide rug that the Palinode brought home tonight,
and the slip of paper I found in my mailbox telling me I have a package waiting for me at the post office,
and listening to This American Life while I work in the early dark,
and you, yes, you.

Five Star Friday's 215th Edition Is Brought to You By Iain M. Banks

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