Tintype Onion: A Workflow

Hipstamatic just released the Tintype SnapPak, and I love the richness and depth of its texture and colour with both the C-Type Plate colour and D-Type Plate black and white films combined with the Tinto 1884 lens, so I decided to, of course, showcase it with Onion, the handsomest of my three cats. The internet does need its cats, doesn't it?

I took the original photo with Hipstamatic using the Tinto 1884 lens, C-Type Plate film, and no flash:

tintype Onion 1

Then, I opened the image in Camera+. I clicked Edit » Scenes » Clarity:

tintype Onion 2

Before and after:

tintype Onion 1tintype Onion 2

I'm looking forward to trying this film out in the light of day. I'm curious to see how it will handle bright snow. I'll keep you posted!

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