Valentine's Day, Simmer, and Hot Pot Food Comas

Yesterday was Valentine's Day, in case the entire world didn't notify you, and so the Palinode took me out to a local restaurant's opening night.

Simmer 1

Simmer, Regina's newest spot, is a Chinese hot pot restaurant, which means they bring you platters of fresh meat and vegetables, which you then cook yourself in a small pot of boiling broth right at your table.

Simmer 15

We ate pickled radishes and cloves of garlic and cinnamon dinner rolls:

Simmer 6

Simmer 7


Simmer 8

I liked how they took the opportunity to sell us the flowers right off the table:

Simmer 9

Simmer 14

And then we ate ALL of this, which seemed perfectly reasonable in the moment:

Simmer 11

Simmer 12

Simmer 13

And then we went home and slipped into hot pot comas, because on your tenth Valentine's Day together, it is perfectly acceptable to eat gross amounts of food, waddle home discussing your burgeoning food babies, and then pile through the entire first season of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

Sexy times can happen later when we've regained the ability to see our own knees.



PS. This is not an ad for Simmer, although I would advertise them, because they are local, their food is fresh and healthy, and the owner is one of those people who'll know your name and what you like the second time you go there, so, if you're in Regina, go!'s Brand New Look

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