One Mom Media

One Mom Media is Pilar Clark's home on the internet where this "content ninja, raconteur, honorary Canadian, social media strategist, blogger, and sleep deprived mommy" can run her media empire of one. She and I teamed up to redesign her website earlier this year.

For her logo, I wanted something strong and bold, but I also wanted it to be a little feminine with a bit of the damask touch carried over from her previous website design: logo

Since photography is one of her creative focuses alongside her writing, I decided to build the website itself as a testament to her work and expanded the masthead navigation to itself highlight what she does, which is how each of the navigation buttons came to be based on one of her photographs.

I think the decision to build the functional elements of her site out of her own work lends the space a real sense of who she is and what she does, and I'm so glad to have gotten to know her better through our work together.

Our design was brought to life by the fabulous WordPress coding work of Jen Wilson.

Drop in and say hello to Pilar at One Mom Media!

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