New-to-Me Music: Alabama Shakes' "Boys and Girls"

I was listening to some music on — you can listen to the stuff I blip there, by the way — and I came across Alabama Shakes' song "Boys and Girls".

I don't know how else to tell you about my feelings for this music apart from instructing you to hit play, stand up, wrap yourself in your own arms like you used to when you were a kid and dreamed someone held you close, and slow dance while whispering their name in big, glowy, elementary-school-all-caps-puffy-letters ALABAMA SHAKES like they're your new first-kiss love-crush.

Once you're done doing that, hit play five more times, put their picture under your pillow, and pre-order their Boys and Girls album, which is out on April 9th/10th.

No one paid me to say all of this. They're just that good.

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