Beestung Eyes Are Not In

I went for a walk today.

walk 1

I cried out of my left eye the whole way, which is how my allergy attacks always start. It was very exciting.

walk 2

Allergies are the best ever.

walk 3

I am going to try these new allergy meds. The loratadine I've been taking until now barely helps.

walk 4

Maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to breathe again by some time tomorrow.

walk 5

Beestung lips are in. Beestung eyes are not.

walk 6

I learned two lessons when I put my head inside a bush in order to get a particular shot on the way home:

1) don't stick your head inside of a newly budding bush when you are allergic to all things, and

2) check bushes for bees first before sticking your head in them, stupid.

walk 7



PS. The reason I posted both the colour and black-and-white versions of each photo is that I couldn't really tell which was better with my eyes being so sticky, so I just went with both.

PPS. Apparently, the common side effects of my new antihistamine are "fatigue, dry mouth, headache, and gastrointestinal disturbances". I am the side effect queen, so yay and fun!

PPPS. Just to be very clear, I was not at any point stung by a bee. The bee in the bushes did land on my glasses and crawl around, which freaked my out rather mightily, but that's it. Just fear. No stings.

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