Three Good Things On a Tuesday


I have a cold and great big nose zit, but both are getting better, and I can see health on the horizon after weeks of nasty viral overload. You are welcome for the graphic visual of my intense byooty.

a cold + a zit = byooty


Remember that time a month ago when I thought I couldn't go to World Domination Summit and would have to swallow the cost of a nearly 500-dollar ticket, but then I put what I needed out onto the internet in hopes that my dream of Portland in July with several hundred awesome people would come true?

It has all come together!

I have secured extra work to cover the costs of my travel, and I have also secured a roommate, which means I can leave my cardboard box at home. This is good, because I am sure that the mean streets of Portland would ruin this delicate balance I've got going to keep my skin from breaking out.

Just so we don't all forget: If you need something to get done but you don't have the resources, tell the world about it out loud. People might hear you.


The Palinode has secured tickets for us to see Janelle Monae at the Saskatchewan Jazz Festival! Janelle Monae is the shiznit.

Janelle Monáe 14

Now your three good things. Go!

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