7 Unrelated Things In a List Brought On By the Flu

I'm suffering from what can only be described as a body migraine over the last two days, so, while what I really want to write about are why lamentations about the the death of the supposed heart of blogging are misplaced and the inherent bigotry behind some people's desire for gender segregation at female dominated blogging conferences, I can't, because the first few parts of this sentence have already stripped out the few coherent word combinations I can handle right now.


Oh noes.

But fear not, reader. I will not go gentle into that good night. I am fighting this beast with mass quantities of ibuprofen and water and kitten cuddles and oh who am I kidding? I just threw up in an old popcorn bowl.

Really, I'm just asking for sympathy here. I staved this thing off all through the BlogHer '12 conference, and this is the price I have to pay for my troubles.

[From that last sentence to the one after this aside, insert TWO HOURS of writhing in pain, the loss of 24 hours worth of food and water, bloating up like I was nine months pregnant, and crying about the stabbing pains in my head. Oh, the joys!]

I am still refusing to go gently with this damn flu, but all I have the gumption for is a list, so here goes:
  1. I went to BlogHer '12, and, although I know BlogHer recaps are your very favourite of things, all I can tell you right now is that it was fast and fulfilling and exhausting and bountiful and it gave me the flu.
  2. Lula's new trick is to peel all the bandaids off my feet with her teeth while I succumb to fevered dreams about Bret Michaels' burial at sea. She's disgusting.
  3. We delivered our letter of offer on a home we really want to be ours, which I don't need to tell you, because you can pretty much assume that if we are going to go through the work of delivering a letter of offer on a home, we probably actually want it.
  4. I feel much better about that carrot cake cookie sandwich filled with cream cheese icing that I didn't eat earlier, because that would have made all the throwing up I'm doing even sadder than it already is.
  5. Tomorrow afternoon, I have to make myself look like I'm not half-dead with the flu so that the bank will give us money. The bank loves self-employed ladies who look all wilty, right?
  6. This point's just a thank you for reading this. You're sweet.
  7. I'm listening to the Palinode crunch on Triscuits right now, and everytime I think about punching him, I just say "I love you" instead. This is my number one piece of marriage advice.
And now I'm off to bed with my puke bucket. I've named it Sweet Baby because of all the time I spend stroking it.

Good night!

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