Paint Colours That Inspire Love and Horror

Now that we suddenly find ourselves the proud new owners of a condo and have a couple of weeks before we move in, I am dreaming about paint.

The previous owner painted the walls in a darker cream with a couple of very dark burgundy accent walls, so I am looking forward to lightening up the mood of the space with bright, light colours and a couple of vibrant spots to give it some spark.

I have been surrounded by basic rental apartment white for twenty years, so I am more than a little excited to put some pizazz into the place. I think that's how I found myself falling for brighter and brighter colours as I went along.

I started off with some nice blues and greens, because I've always wanted to find that perfect robin's egg blue for a wall I could call my own, but damn it if the rest of the crayon box of colours didn't start looking pretty good, too.

And that's how I found myself thinking that Snow Cone Green, Rumba Orange, and Rose Parade might be just what I need. They probably aren't what I need, and the Palinode's probably having minor heart attacks looking at some of the colours I've laid out here, but they're pretty, yes? I think they're damn spanky.

I haven't picked out the two or three brighter colours I want yet, so let me know what inspires or horrifies you.

If the whole enterprise turns out disastrously, we can always repaint, right?


PS. Here are the colours I'm leaning most toward right now:

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