In Which I Come Clean About My Netflix TV Show Binge-Watching Thing

I have a serious relationship going on with Netflix. It's pretty heavy. It's also pretty embarrassing.

Penny from Happy Endings
This is Penny from Happy Endings. I love her.

I like to think of myself as smart, witty, and possibly a bit intellectual. I know I'm not really intellectual, but my inner, brooding, 19-year-old self who dyes her long hair dark and parts it in the middle and carries Sartre around so she can pass herself off as intellectual still likes to pretend she is. My list of Netflix obsessions tells a different story, though.

Me? I have a thing for binge-watching old television shows. I set up a second monitor so I can watch while I work. I watch on my laptop in bed. I've even been known to prop my iPad up on the flour container so I can watch while I make blueberry pancakes.

When I started putting a list of my binge-watches together, I was aiming for ten. I hit 20 without even trying. TWENTY. I am somewhat ashamed, but I am also binge-watching Happy Endings while I write this list, so I'll hold off on the self-flagellating until later.

This is a shot from the "Put a Bird On It" bit in Portlandia. I love it.

My Netflix TV Show Binge-Watch Confession List

  1. The Facts of Life, 9 seasons
  2. The X-Files, 9 seasons
  3. Diff'rent Strokes, 8 seasons
  4. United States of Tara, 3 seasons
  5. How I Met Your Mother, 8 seasons
  6. Freaks and Geeks, 18 episodes
  7. Square Pegs, 20 episodes
  8. Community, 4 seasons
  9. Degrassi Junior High, 3 seasons
  10. Degrassi High, 2 seasons
  11. Undeclared, 17 episodes
  12. The IT Crowd, 4 series
  13. The Ellen Show, 18 episodes
  14. The Kids In the Hall, 5 seasons
  15. NewsRadio, 5 seasons
  16. Wings, 8 seasons
  17. Raising Hope, 3 seasons
  18. Portlandia, 2 seasons
  19. Archer, 3 seasons
  20. and some of The Nanny in a fit of what must have been self-loathing, but I couldn't commit, so there's hope for me yet.
I feel like this list might just have stripped me of whatever cool I had left after that recent incident at the grocery store when this girl was talking on her cell phone, but I thought she was talking to me, and I carried on a one-sided conversation with her for probably a whole minute before she looked at me and said "What?", and I said "What?" back like she was the one who wasn't making any sense, and then I reached out to squeeze every avocado on display like it was my mother-loving job.

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