BlogWest 2013: I Went, I Saw, and I More Than Lived to Tell About It

Do you know what I did this past weekend that was educational, fun, and a powerful community builder for blogging in western Canada? I went to the BlogWest 2013 conference in Edmonton, Alberta.


There were only about forty of us in attendance, but this conference was so full of good people and connections that it was one of the best conferences I've been to. The breadth of knowledge in the room was astounding, which says something coming from me, because I am heading into my tenth year of blogging and have been attending multiple conferences about it since 2008.

Here's a big, bad list of all the things BlogWest sessions covered: BlogWest ran the gamut from accounting to inspiration and back again, and I'm already looking forward to 2014.

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I wouldn't be me if I didn't spend half the weekend worrying over my keynote, forgetting and finding my way back to my purpose, and changing outfits three times until I realized I'd just brought the wrong underwear, but even my nerves couldn't make me miss the real heart of the conference. It was intimate and warm, filled with people who were both learned and generous. I'll be back.

Thanks goes out to Felicia Dewar, the force behind BlogWest. She dreamt big, took huge leaps of faith two years running, and pulled together an incredible conference against all odds. Here's to 2014! Right, Felicia? Right?

Oh, please say yes :)

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