A Real Haircut, Because I'm a Grown-Up

This is me just prior to my first professional haircut in at least four or five years.

me just prior to haircut

I know. It looks super short already, but I generally like to keep my hair close to home, which is within one or two inches long, and I usually cut it myself with a set of clippers and some pinking shears from my sewing box.

Why do I do it? It's simple math really. My clippers cost $26 five years ago. Professional haircuts would have cost me $40 x 12 months x 5 years to equal $2400. That's a savings of $2374!

I decided, though, that if I'm going to be the closing keynote at BlogWest in a week, it might help relieve some of my nervousness if I had a real haircut, so I called a local salon (that's Salon Fresz in Regina, Saskatchewan, and ask for Jesa for kick ass short hair). I felt nervous like I was going on a first date or like this was the first time I was venturing out into polite society after an extended stint of feral forest living, but I needn't have worried. Jesa fixed me up so my hair looks like I mean it rather than that I might have, oh, I don't know, cut my own hair with a pair of dull pinking shears.

And voilà!

after the haircut

I feel all attractive and growed up and stuff.

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