The Redneck Mommy Transforms Herself Into the Inimitable Tanis Miller

Tanis Miller, the woman behind The Redneck Mommy for the last seven years, decided that it was time to move on from her initial incarnation and take ownership of her own name, and she came to me to help her make the transition to We chose to take a much more pared down approach aesthetically while still retaining some of her attitude (she has heaps of attitude, which is what makes her so darn popular). She didn't want to lose her old blog altogether, so we migrated her old blog to her new Squarespace 5 home from WordPress, and we tucked it away within her new site as an earlier chapter to her present work. design

I also created page and header backgrounds for her Twitter page.

@redneckmommy Twitter design

She has had two weeks now to settle into her new weblog, and she's been doing it with her usual panache, drinking pink wine with ice cubes and raising a ruckus. Head on over and welcome her home!

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