Break Dancing + Yoga + Arthur Cadre = Remarkable Possibility

While I process photos along with the intense amount of thinking I did while I was at the Mom 2.0 Summit in Laguna Niguel, California this last weekend, I urge you to watch this video, and not only because this guy does insane things with hips:

When I watched it, I was struck with the possibility it points out. I doubt that anyone looked at Arthur Cadre at birth and thought "At the 33-second mark in a video in 2013, he is going to demonstrate a remarkable dedication to yoga, dance, and art that is exceeded by few others, if any", but he does it anyway, because human beings have an incredible faculty for surprising themselves and each other.

Each of us has created or been a part of something remarkable that stretches the bounds of possiblity, even if it doesn't have the polish of good filmmaking and wasn't done quite on purpose. We can't help ourselves but be a part of remarkable things. It's just what happens with the incredible spark of existence with which this universe endows us.

What really makes me marvel at Arthur Cadre, though, is that he can do these things with his body on purpose without being involved in some kind of violent accident.

Check out Arthur Cadre's YouTube channel for more.

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