Check Out Co-Parenting 101 logoWhile I made the move of consolidating my old work website with this one, I was unable to update you about my work over recent months, so here's a little more catch-up.

I worked with Deesha Philyaw a few months ago to revamp Co-Parenting 101, a website dedicated to co-parenting after divorce. Her original website lacked some focus when it came to communicating to readers what they could do once they were there, so our main goal was to make the goals of the site and its navigation clear and direct.

Because of the broad nature of everything that Deesha does — she not only has the blog but also a podcast, a book, and an interest in hearing your stories, as well — we wanted to make it very clear that this space is the hub of not only a weblog but a much broader community of people navigating communication, single parenting, finances, custody, dating, wellness, stepfamilies, and other issues that arise around co-parenting and divorce in families.

Check out Co-Parenting 101 and all that Deesha does for and within the co-parenting community. She has a powerful and motivating story to share.

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