A Big Snit, a Great Tech Storage Solution, and My Happy New Workspace

Ever since we moved into this place in September 2012, I have not managed to set up a proper workspace for myself. I work on the couch, at the kitchen counter, from bed, and in an armchair. This flexibility might sound good, but it is terrible for both my back and my ability to organize.

Take note of the fact that I have my monitor's cable stuck to my laptop with packing tape in the photo below. There are better ways to solve this kind of problem.

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Yesterday, I was feeling frustrated about ALL OF EVERYTHING, as I am wont to do when I have too many responsibilities piling up during the worst month of my year. I worked myself into a general snit about life, the universe, and everything, and then I pushed all the furniture into the middle of the room in the dining area, as though moving all of everything into one chaotic pile would solve the problem. Logic was not on my side at that moment.

"When in doubt, make a giant mess" was apparently yesterday's motto.

my dining rooms turns into an office 1

I decided that my original plans to turn our spare room into an office were never going to happen. It is the darkest room in the apartment, and I feel like I've been put into a corner for bad behaviour when I try to work in there. I decided to turn whatever room I tend to work in the most into my workspace, because if I don't naturally gravitate to the spot where I am supposed to work, I will never actually work there, even if I buy pretty ladder desks and pick out paint samples. It turns out that the room I work in the most was the one I had just trashed. Perfect timing!

I dragged half of the mess I had made out of the dining room, and then I dragged in the pretty Asterix ladder desks I had orphaned in the spare room and the POÄNG chair and footstool I ordered from IKEA in the fall.

my dining rooms turns into an office 2

I wiped everything down, hung pictures, put out things I like to look at, and untangled all of the cords to two computers, two extra monitors, a PlayStation, two lamps, a wireless keyboard charging stand, an external hard drive, an iPhone charger, and two different camera battery chargers. The Palinode and I are all up in the digital makery biz. Thank jeebus for electricity.

After spending a couple of hours sorting and organizing our tech into a workable submission, I managed to create a space I think I can work in. (I apologize for the blurry photo below, but it's hard to take a clear panoramic photo when you have a cat hanging off your pants. Ouch.)


The cats have all agreed to the new space, as well. If they don't like the order of something, they either push it over or destroy it altogether, but no violent acts have been committed against my stuff yet, so I think we're good.

Please note in the photo below how I used an extendable tension curtain rod within the desk shelving to create a spot where I can tie extra cords and hang my headset and webcam. Having extra tech kicking around everywhere and tying itself in knots has always driven me nutty, so this is a perfect solution. They are close at hand but out of the way.


It is a great relief for me to finally have created a workspace that is warm yet light. I spend a lot of hours at my job, so it feels like a revelation to have a spot that is bright and homey and welcoming.


Some people will tell you not to get worked up over the stuff you can change, but sometimes it is the act of getting worked up that propels you to make the change you need.

Here's to the biggest snit I've had in a while and the great space it gave me!

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