Rekabek's "A Field Guide To Your Boyfriend":

We resume our original conversation. A block later, we’re nearly run over by a man on a bike. This one’s wearing many layers of clothing and his jagged hair stands up six inches above his head. He looks like a tiger attacked him on his way downtown and succeeded in injuring only his outfit. Attached to the back of his bike is a birdcage, but it’s hard to tell what’s inside due to the ribbons and tinsel woven through the bars. He curses at us as we hop out of the crosswalk.

“Your boyfriend seems kinda mad,” Gertrude says. “Are you guys having problems again?”

“Naw, he’s trying out one of those erectile dysfunction patches,” I say. “It makes him irritable.”

Rebecca Blood's "Weblog Ethics":

I make a point never to post anything I am not willing to stand behind even if I later disagree. I work to be thoughtful and accurate, no matter how angry or excited I am about a particular topic. If I change my opinion in a day or two, I just note the change. If I need to apologize for something I've said, I do so.

Brandon Rogers' "Infinity By Division - Reposted":

... after my math lesson years later the thought of infinity, of living through Heaven with no end in sight, to infinity, became ever more frightening to me than a definite good-bye. I live for good-byes. I live for conclusion and finality. I live for the end of the road.

To imagine that my destination held no horizon stifled the breath within me.

David B. Dale's "Holes In The Sand":

The brain has a fuse. After years of threat and terror, the fuse blows, leaving a scar behind, a charred little plug of matter, once animated tissue. It can make a person mean.

My Head Is Too Big's "I Was A Government Funded Junkie":

I knew this guy who would boil his methadone and Tang solution down to a thick syrup, put a chunk of a Rolaid in there to cut the citrus and inject the whole mess with these huge heavy gauge needles. You could tell when he'd been up to that because he'd get all puffy and red and swollen.

Heather Powazek Champ's "Leslie Harpold":

Tigger adored Leslie and when she came to visit he would very rudely clamber up on her chest, adorning her bosom like some sort of demented brooch.

Stevey's "You Should Write Blogs":

Each person in your audience is on a different clock, and all of them are ahead of you in some ways and behind you in others. The point of blogging is that we all agree to share where we're at, and not poke fun at people who seem to be behind us, because they may know other things that we won't truly understand for years, if ever.