I am a verbifier of nouns. No noun is safe. It would not be going too far to say that I would refer to the act of making blender drinks as osterizing. Our blender is an Osterizer; therefore, it obviously osterizes.

So, when the Fiery One was surfing the internet and showed me a particularly fascinating site whose content related to bizarre interpretations of scripture and its relation to a certain sexual act, I said I'd better del.icio.us that. I use del.icio.us to keep track of links, so I del.icio.us things now.

I grabbed a piece of paper and a pen and wrote a reminder to myself to del.icio.us the site later. When I came across my note later in the day, I saw what I had written with fresh eyes, and what I read in the afternoon didn't read the way I'd meant it in the morning.

Today, I learned that when writing notes, even if only to yourself, you should take care with the details so as to avoid misinterpretation by anyone else who might come upon said notes. For instance, I was lazy when I wrote the note to myself, and I left out the periods that break up the name of the website. Outside of its original context and as a standalone document, my note read:

delicious fisting


I can only imagine what kind of trouble I might have gotten into at work had I not learned this valuable lesson. I am glad that this happened at home on a Saturday where the only one with questions was the Fiery One who, having read the website, was already well acquainted with fisting and God's will.

Places I've read recently: rekabek.com, Hah!, and I'm still on 25peeps.com, so click that link like a good reader.

Schneider and Klinger and a Five-Year-Old's Dream

Schneider and Klinger and a Five-Year-Old's Dream