2006 Canadian Blog Awards

That image above is a signal. It signifies something. It is a signifier.

This feels like a lesson in Latin. I'll start again.

The image up there is a signal to you to go vote for me. It is November 29th, which means that we only have today, tomorrow, and the next day to get in as many votes as possible for Milkmoney or Not, Here I Come in the 2006 Canadian Weblog Awards' Best Blog category. I am aiming for a heart-stopping second- or third-place victory against the indomitable Raymi and Debaucherous + Dishevelled, and I think we can do it, but I need your help, and I'm not above asking for it. So, if you are of the mind to be extra terribly helpful, you can copy the button at the top of this entry and paste it into your next couple of entries on your website with a directive to your readers to go vote for this Schmutzie person who runs Milkmoney or Not, Here I Come. If you honour me link-wise, I'll honour you like-wise in some as yet undetermined way. Just send me an e-mail to let me know that you've sent people to vote from your site, and I'll do the undetermined thing.

Yes, I actually did that. It's like I'm offering blow jobs for career advancement now. Except that I'm not, in case you misunderstood my intentions, because the yet-to-be-determined thing is a totally internet-related, hands-off type thing.

I urge you to VOTE FOR ME EVERY DAY FROM EACH COMPUTER YOU COME IN CONTACT WITH, be it at home, work, or the public library. Also, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A CANADIAN TO VOTE. You could be from the Peruvian Amazon Basin, for fuck's sake, and as long as you maintain internet connectivity for more than thirty seconds, you can vote. Do not let your sad lack of canadian-ness prevent you from loving me as fully as you can within the legal limits, because you only get one life, and let's face it, your pockets are already brimming with too many regrets.

Are you still here? Awesome. Your still being there means that you shall reap the rewards of weathering my grovelling for votes. The rewards are, should you choose to accept them:

Scrabble from the show with zefrank, because he does a surprising thing with scrabble letters in it,


The Truth, which I found via Working From Home Today. Who knew a political ad could be this ingenious?

Don't worry. We will return to my regularly scheduled programming when my greedy ego has been satisfied tomorrow.

UPDATE: I already have two volunteer affiliates to aid in the pimping of this website! Sincere thanks go out to the fine folks behind No Show Mo and Harper Valley.

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