Wow. That's about all I can say coherently. Give me a second to breathe this one out.


Okay. Here it is. I was writing an entry yesterday at lunch. I lost it in computer hiccup. No biggie. I can deal with that. I hardly think these posts through half the time anyway. After work, I came home to start over, and I thought to myself what if I shaded the link section titles in my sidebar?, which turned into changing my link colours, which turned into creating a second sidebar. I was doing this all using Blogger's preview function so that I could play around without losing my original template, but I neglected to save a copy of the original template as a failsafe. You can probably see where this is going, and I'm still kicking myself for being so ridiculously scatterbrained. If there is one thing I always tell people about their templates, it is that they should save a copy of the original before they do any playing around with it, because it can take a lot of time to fix if you accidentally implement your experimental changes. I accidentally implemented my experimental changes. I must not have been paying very much attention, because I inadvertently hit the save button instead of the preview button, and then my original template disappeared forever into the ether.

At that point, I completely gave up on writing an entry altogether and devoted my energy to recreating my original template from a mix of saved snippets of code from text documents and my less-than-reliable memory. I spent approximately five hours coding this page from scratch using nothing but my typing skills and memory of html. I ended up with an extra sidebar on the left, shaded link section titles, new link colours (I can't decide if I like them), an older graphic, resized column and margin widths, and very red and sore eyes from forgetting to blink with any regularity.

So, if you noticed that there were any changes here, there are. If you wondered why, now you know that it's because I can be a scatterbrained nitwit who doesn't follow her own rules.

Do you want to know what's really stupid, though? I feel accomplished because I managed to fix up this site in one evening, even though I'm the one who broke it.

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