1. sushi

  2. new clothes, because I am too lazy to do laundry, and also because my pants are shiny on the bum

  3. Oskar, the black cat, cleaned out my belly button

  4. I have replied to most of my e-mails, which is a major feat for one who is so communicationally disinclined

  5. beer

  6. cold medication (but not with the aforementioned beer, of course)

  7. coffee

  8. I could take five things off this list and just summarize them with "I consume", which would bother me on other days, but right now it is good, because it means that I am into experiencing the world today rather than retreating under my red blanky and allowing myself to be hypnotized by "Law & Order" spin-offs

  9. paycheques

  10. thick socks that completely fill my shoes for that extra cushiony effect

  11. the sound of people laughing in another room

  12. each time I inhaled on the way to the bus stop this morning, snowflakes would fly into my mouth and create surprise spots of chill on the roof of my mouth and the back of my throat

  13. you

  14. wearing full-coverage granny knickers in cold weather

  15. hand lotion

  16. doorknobs (I have a thing for them and used to fondle them in antique shops)

  17. writing how-tos for the know-nots

  18. oxygen, and my congested lungs are grateful for any little sip of it they can get

  19. the sound of my stapler

  20. second-hand paperbacks that smell like other people's basements

  21. the feel of a styrofoam cup when I bite down on it with my molars

  22. finding chapstick that works

  23. space heaters

  24. the sky was noticeably lighter this morning than it was yesterday, which means, hoorah, I won't have to spend so much time huddling by my full-spectrum lamp and feeling like one of the mole people