The website for Miranda July's new book is genius.

Crazy Egg is a fairly comprehensive statistics site. You can run tests on your websites to get the details on each individual link's use, a full summary of raw click data, and my personal favourite, a heat map of what parts of your site are hot or not.

Pop! & Circumstance is a weblog that revolves around both excellent music and photographs.

Go listen to some music written and created by a couple of eleven-year-old girls, and then try not to become depressed about your life. Go beat on some kitchen pots or something.

The Complete Logo Design Guide is good. Go there before you make something ugly.

I love Looking Real Good. "Everyone looks good at least some of the time. Our mission is to capture that moment, and then celebrate it by giving you 24 hours of attention — your very own holiday."

I just bought the sweetest little necklace from Littleput Books, and now I want everyone to go there. I am thinking about just buying a drawer full of her stuff.

After reading "Soups for Invalids", I'm not surprised that they didn't fair so well back then.

"Copyright Law: 12 Dos and Don'ts" from Daily Blog Tips is a handy little reminder for when I get sloppy, which slackers like myself tend to do.

Foot nipple!

It's Another Join-The-Herd Thursday. We Are Bleeting.