We have been ever so busy not packing this weekend. We are tireless in our efforts to keep all cardboard boxes from coming into contact with anything that might fit inside them.

This new endeavour fills me with a strong sense of accomplishment, and my self-confidence is fairly soaring with this new-found success at an activity that I only just began to practice this month.

Saturday was our most successful day thus far. We woke up, looked at each other, and said We should pack today. Then we went out for chili and nachos.

eating chili

We did so well! In fact, we ourselves did not even come into contact with a single cardboard box. Our natural abilities are astounding. Normally, I would not crow about how awesome we are, but in this situation we have truly gone above and beyond all expectation.

After the chili and nachos, we took deep breaths in order to steel ourselves for the next leg of this arduous occupation. Then, we went for a walk cum picture-taking expedition.

The following picture was taken with the camera pointed directly skyward under some metal letters affixed to the side of a bank.

the letter D

Again, we astounded ourselves with our total lack of contact with anything even resembling cardboard.

When we get excited about a newly acquired skill, we can't help but continue to push the envelope. We're hardcore.

We were so free of even the idea of putting suitably-sized objects inside boxes made of cardboard that we felt obligated to celebrate our great achievement at the pub, where an anachronistic 1950s greaser had carved chump into our deck table.


Today, I am still pushing that envelope. I can't believe how freaking awesome I am at this.

Places I've been recently: Kirala, Jann Arden, and Isoglossia.