Image hosting by PhotobucketTo the left you see my mouthpiece for this entry. I am feeling sheepish, and so I am dazzling you with my own South Park incarnation. This way, you might be all Cool! I will click on that picture and make my own South Park me! If you are properly dazzled, then maybe you won't notice or remember very well that I am kind of a git.

Have you been properly dazzled? Good.

If you haven't been paying very close attention lately, you might not have noticed that I seem to have access to a digital camera. If you have been paying attention, then you are probably wondering what the hell I have been going on about with that camera link up on the sidebar and are wondering why it's still there when I obviously have this digital camera at my disposal.

Let me explain what happened. I have been looking at the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ20 online for a while. It is the camera I really wanted but knew that I should not indulge in. I was doing really well with that whole adult responsibility thing, too. I put the possibility of such a thing out of my mind and chuckled in a superior fashion whenever the Fiery One mentioned how nice it would be to have one.

And then, the Fiery One called me up one afternoon to tell me that he had been looking at that very camera, and that the place where he saw it had a really good price on it.

And then, I read Blurbomat's post justifying the purchase of a digital over a film camera based on the cost of operation (film and film processing), and it got me thinking about how the reason I wasn't pursuing photography more aggressively was because I could not afford the materials and the services that my film camera required.

I put the Fiery One's luring and Blurbomat's logic together, conveniently lost track of the notion that not being able to afford film and film processing also meant that I couldn't really afford camera payments, told myself that the marked drop in price meant that the time was now, and off I hiked across town to pick up this beautiful little piece of technology.

See how pretty it is? And just look at what I can make it do! (Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the images).

worksunderwoodheadsfront right

I still can't afford the damn thing, and I will be staying home most nights and easing up on my peanut butter addiction until my beloved Lumix is paid for, but there you go. I went ahead and did it anyway with all the maturity I could muster, which was obviously very little.

So, now that I've come out as a git, and if you haven't given up on me in disgust yet, here's the deal. Quite a few of you have previously taken steps to help me get the lesser-but-still-digital camera I have pictured in the sidebar. If you were one of those kind souls, I have a few ideas about how we can deal with this situation. You will see them summarily listed in the poll below. Please vote for our collective course of action in this instance, and then we can breathe a sigh of relief that all was not for naught, because we've all decided to 1)help me pay the bills, or 2)help the hungry or ill or otherwise in need, or 3)forget the whole distasteful incident and call it a day, since that camera in the sidebar doesn't seem to be coming to me any day soon.

If you have already taken the steps to help me out with a digital camera through my sidebar link, my best course of action at this point is:
to keep the link up until the camera is won, and then sell it on e-bay to offset my costs.
to keep the link up until the camera is won, and then sell it on e-bay and donate the proceeds to the charity of our choice.
to take the link down, and we can all forget that we ever had this little interaction.
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