When I went to the travel clinic to get my vaccinations before coming down to Costa Rica, the nurse there really tried to impress upon me the importance of sticking to certain guidelines if I wanted to remain healthy. I thought that I would, because who wants dengue fever, but I have found that neither the Fiery One nor I have an ounce of sticktoitiveness.

Travel rules we have broken since entering the country of Costa Rica:

  • We walked barefoot on the beach (ticks and feces and needles, oh my!).
  • We drank the local homebrew out of a re-used C0ke bottle in the back yard of a house we had never been to. (Gasolina was the alcohol's name, and it burned rather sweetly).
  • We accepted more gasolina in very poor home that we had never been to before, and it had ice cubes in it made from the local water supply.
  • I ate fish.
  • We ate food from an open air market.
  • We both pet the local dogs as often as we see them, because our lives won't be fulfilling without experiencing serious cases of fleas.
  • I do hope we make it to the 29th, because otherwise I will never turn thirty-three and be able to say that I am as old as Christ, or as they say here on every third frigging sign, Jesuchristo.

    Oh yes, and Feliz Navidad, and all that. It's over 30oC here, so I kind of keep forgetting about all that hubbub and foofera. Merry Festivus!